Friday, June 8, 2007

Tip #1 - Backup your Information

HELP!!!!We get calls from businesses, usually during the client's busiest time of year, ... "the power went out while I was processing orders and now I can't get into M.O.M." or "my server just crashed, can you get M.O.M. re-installed" or "so and so's computer crashed and now we can't get into M.O.M." .... etc. All are horror stories, but most can have happy endings. Just have a good back-up. If you do, your catostrophie will be a simple bump in the road on your way to fame and fortune.

Don't trust your computer guy... REQUEST PROOF!Make sure that you are getting a good back-up of M.O.M. (YOUR MOST CRITICAL BUSINESS INFORMATION) every night. Have your computer people test a restore every month or so to make sure that your back-up works when or if you need it. Think of it as an insurance policy. With a good back-up, nearly every bad situation will have a happy ending and result in the least cost and disruption to your business.If you need help, we're here and we can help!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


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Dydacomp's Mail Order Manager software is great tool. But, like any tool, it is important that you learn to use it properly. If you do, it will pay your business excellent dividends in the areas of: productivity, customer information, operational control, and many others!

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