Thursday, April 16, 2015

MOM Helpers - FoxPro or SQL 100% Secure on the MOM Helpers Cloud

Mail Order Manager Helpers Inc.
Security Built-in
MOM Helpers CloudTM means that your company data is safe and secure. It is a lot like a bank account. You are the only ones with the keys to your account. But, your account is available anywhere you can access the internet -- and have your keys. Your system is safe and always protected even if your computer dies, M.O.M. lives on and your files are safe. If a natural disaster destroys building, M.O.M. lives on and your files are safe. Your system operates from a secure connection to the cloud from anywhere on any device that has access to the internet.
Bring your M.O.M. to the MOM Helpers Cloud no matter what version you are running and it will be secure.
With MOM Helpers Cloud our network security expertise can protect any version of M.O.M. -- FoxPro or SQL. Your data is 100% secure.
Don't be fooled, just because you upgrade to SQL your security problems do not vanish.
Any database that is hosted on a non-secure network, server is NOT secure. The type of database is not relevant.
Focus on your business. Optimize and Secure M.O.M..
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