Monday, April 8, 2013

MOM Helpers Cloud Services | Free Trial

7-Day Free Trial The trial phase of the MOM Helpers CloudTM solution is not intended to be a fully functional system. It is designed to enable a user to experience their actual system running on the Cloud and then compare it to their local systems performance. A true side-by-side comparison. Although, this is just a test drive and not a full ownership experience, we think you like what you see. Ask about our ‘Dollar-Match’ trial offer! During the trial, actually connect and use MOM with the stations at your office. You can experience the flexibility and connect from iPads, PCs, or Macs at your Home or at remote locations. Also, you can print reports, labels, etc. and use most of the actual MOM features. We’re sure that you will see that the actual responsiveness of your system on the MOM Helpers CloudTM is up to 5 times faster than at your office. Simplicity Built-in MOM Helpers CloudTM means that your company can experience the speed, performance and responsiveness of your system without the expense managing Windows, Server or SQL Server. All you have to have is internet access. It's your MOM, but BETTER! MOM Helpers CloudTM is a new type of approach to managing your business and not your software. The cloud is designed to help you get things done faster and easier. Run your MOM on the MOM Helpers CloudTM, an environment built for optimizing your system that has multiple layers of security, cloud storage, high performance and the flexibility to use almost anywhere on a PC, Mac, iPad, or Android device with at least wireless 3G internet connectivity. To Learn more, click here or go to No matter what year you purchased or what version you are running the MOM Helpers Cloud will work for your... Dydacomp MailOrder Manager, Multichannel Order Manager software.