Thursday, March 28, 2013

MOM Helpers Cloud Services | Cloud eCommerce MOM system | Multichannel Order Manager Cloud Services

It's your MOM, but BETTER!
MOM Helpers CloudTM is a new type of approach to managing your business and not your software. The cloud is designed to help you get things done faster and easier. Run your MOM on the MOM Helpers CloudTM, an environment built for optimizing your system that has multiple layers of security, cloud storage, high performance and the flexibility to use almost anywhere on a PC, Mac, iPad, or Android device with at least wireless 3G internet connectivity.

Other Benefits of the MOM Helpers CloudTM
The MOM Helpers CloudTM is optimized so that you can focus on business, not software. Simplicity Built-in Savings Built-in - eliminating many hardware/software maintenance costs Growth Built-in - RAM, CPU and disk space is unlimited Security Built-in - protects your data and system Speed Built-in - optimized for MOM performance Connectivity Built-in - use MOM anywhere or from multiple locations and more! Another benefit of being on the Cloud is that our services are charged by the hour at a 10% discount and only charged hourly -- you are not required to purchase 10 hours blocks of time. So, custom programming, training, and integration projects are more affordable.

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No matter what year you purchased or what version you are running the MOM Helpers CloudTM will work for your... Dydacomp MailOrder Manager, Multichannel Order Manager software.