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Mail Order Manager Helpers - Inventory (Year-end, Physical, and Repair)

Year-End Made Easy - Begin the New Year better than ever!

Repair and re-align your inventory files and update your system with year-end physical counts.
... If you have negative inventory, incorrect unit costs, etc., this is an easy way to re-align your company's inventory for the new year.

Consider using Mail Order Manager Helpers Consulting Services.
We're Here. We Help.™ Our services make MailOrder Manager™ better!

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Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. /dba MOM Helpers is not affiliated or associated with Dydacomp® Development Corp which is the manufacturer of the MailOrder Manager®/M.O.M.® brand of software

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Support Contracts $900 from Mail Order Manager Helpers


...BETTER MailOrder Manager™ HELP?



...WAYS TO IMPROVE MailOrder Manager™ SPEED?



...CUSTOM LABELS FOR MailOrder Manager™ ?







Consider using Mail Order Manager Helpers Consulting Services.
Our services make MailOrder Manager™ better!

To learn more, call Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. (941) 927-1689 or visit and view our case studies.
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Mail Order Manager Helpers - USPS - Endicia Improved Options

If you use MOM and ship hundreds or thousands of packages each day by US Mail, you will love this interface. With a scan gun, scale and Mail Order Manager Helpers set-up, each shipping station can do 4+ packages per minute(*) -- that's almost 2,000 per person per 8-hr. shift.

The standard MOM interface with Endicia works. But, it may not work the way you and your shipping department want to work. Mail Order Manager Helpers solution has impressed both the technicians at Endicia and USPS. Because their experience was limited to the standard MOM interface, they didn't realize how much easier, quicker, and complete the 'marriage' could be. With Mail Order Manager Helpers, it is a time and money saver!

HOW DOES Mail Order Manager Helpers MAKE IT EASY?
Our solution creates an efficient file for Endicia to use that makes scanning, weighing and printing labels a snap. The updating back to MOM is handled automatically. EASY...The way the shipping staff like it!

Mail Order Manager Helpers has many solutions that will make MOM work better for you.

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Mail Order Manager Helpers - All in One: Revenue, Cost, Profits Options

Mail Order Manager Helpers came up with a report to show per Order profit on merchandise, shipping and overall gross profits. You can run it for any Order date range, Invoice date range, List of Products, or any Sales Person.

It takes the mystery out of the questions like.... "How much money are we making per Order?"

On the report, you see each section for Revenue, Cost and Profitability broken out by Merchandise, Shipping and Total Order. This makes the answer easier to confirm. It is something you can trust. Each Order is listed so that you can verify and spot check the report. It's accurate. But, we want you to be sure!

WHAT IF MY SHIPPING COSTS AREN'T RIGHT? We thought of that. So, you have a tool that allows you to edit the shipping cost for any order. It can be changed anytime after shipment. So, your data can be adjusted to match reality -- even if the invoice from the freight company is 6 weeks late!

Mail Order Manager Helpers has many solutions that will make MOM work better for you.

To learn more, call Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. (941) 927-1689 or visit and view our case studies.
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Mail Order Manager Helpers - Updating Made Easy Options

If you have to update many stock items to fix the Stock Item, Description, Selling Price, Cost, etc., it can be difficult using the standard processes. Lots of clicks and lots of screens for each change. For a small number of change, that is not a problem. However, when you have hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands, it can be a pretty time consuming job. Sometimes you will avoid it altogether because of this overwhelming challenge.
With Mail Order Manager Helpers, the solution can be simple. You provide the file. We produce a program that does the hard work. Then, keeping your information current and relevent is not a problem. And, you can use the programming over and over again. So, the updating is made easy.

UPDATING: HOW MANY CLICKS DOES IT TAKE? To update a Selling Price, it takes a minimum of 6 clicks or more and 4+ screens - for each change. To update a Supplier Cost, it takes a minimum of 8 clicks or more and 5+ screens - for each change. To update a Customer Discounts, it takes a minimum of 5 clicks or more and 4+ screens - for each change. and the clicks continue...

HOW DOES MOM HELPERS MAKE IT EASY? You provide a file. ..listing of changes in prices or costs You tell us what you want. ..update the prices for these types of products. We produce the solution. can use it over and over again.
It doesn't have to be pricing. It can be almost anything - Customers, Suppliers, Stock Items, Web Info, etc.

WHAT DOES THE MOM HELPERS' SOLUTION DO? Exactly what you want it to do. That is the beauty of a customized solution for a standard software like MOM. You only invest in changes that make the software fit your company better. Most of the features are built into the standard software. It is a Win/Win.
Mail Order Manager Helpers has many solutions that will make MOM work better for you.

To learn more, call Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. (941) 927-1689 or visit and view our case studies.
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Mail Order Manager Helpers - Updating Stock Made Easy & Better Options

Updating inventory quantity can't be simplier than this solution by Mail Order Manager Helpers. As you work to reduce cost and try to do more with less, keeping accurate inventory is critical to customer services success. Knowing exactly what you can commit to customer orders improves profits, customer satisfaction and customer service. Maintaining accurate inventory counts allows MOM to properly allocate available stock to orders. As a result, profits are increased when you can rely on this information and purchase exactly what you need. Customer Satisfaction improves when you ship commited inventory promptly to customers. Customer Service improves when information is accurate and shared confidently with customers.

This MOM Helpers solution will make updating stock quantities for your staff easier than ever. MOM Helpers makes MOM better!

HOW DOES MOM HELPERS MAKES IT EASY? You don't need exclusive use of MOM. ....Warehouse can use this anytime. You don't need to change screens or even use MOM. ....Users don't even have to know anything about MOM. You don't need to keep track of anything. ....All entries are logged and a reported.
1. Scan/Enter Stock Item
2. Enter Quantity
3. Process Updates MOM

The solution allows you to ADD / ADJUST Stock quantities in MOM. The process is Quick. The screen is Simple. The update is Automatic.

Mail Order Manager Helpers has many solutions that will make MOM work better for you.

To learn more, call Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. (941) 927-1689 or visit and view our case studies.
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Mail Order Manager Helpers - Using MOM over Remote Desktop or Terminal Server Connection

Questions about Terminal Service / Remote Desktop and MOM ==================================================
Does MOM work over TS / RDC ? Is it better?
Do you need a new equipment - Server, Printers, etc.?
Do you have to upgrade your existing PC's?
Do you want to increase MOM performance?
Do you want to improve data security and control employee access?
Do you work from home or office?
Do you want to eliminate daily / weekly system issues?
Do you want to significantly reduce your IT/Techical employee cost?
Will this save your company money?
Will this improve MOM stability?
Will this make using MOM easier for your staff?

To learn more, call Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. (941) 927-1689 or visit and view our case studies.

Mail Order Manager Helpers - Access to MOM Version 6 Tables

Mail Order Manager Helpers' clients, either new to MOM or after upgrading to MOM 6.x, required access to their data tables in MOM using tools like Access, Excel, etc. These clients came to us after they discovered the problem when they tried to access their data. They had old programs or reports that no longer worked because they couldn't get to their data. These MOM Users needed help getting to their data. They wanted to use their information the same way that they had done in the past. Accessing MOM tables in version 6.x is no problem. Mail Order Manager Helpers has a solution!

If you are new to MOM, recently upgraded from a previous version of MOM, or are trying to use the MOM tables and are unable to do so, contact Mail Order Manager Helpers. We have some solutions that help you get to the data you need using programs like -- Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Crystal Reports, R&R Report Writer, etc.

Mail Order Manager Helpers can help you determine the things that have changed, improve your knowledge of the system, and apply the new features to your operation. With your improved understanding, you will be able to create better reports, understand your data more completely, and make your operation more efficient. If you want, we will write the reports, provide specialized training, or give you precisely the data you need in an Excel file or in almost any format you request.

To learn more, call Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. (941) 927-1689 or visit and view our case studies.

Mail Order Manager Helpers - Hourly Sales Report Options

A long-term client was trying to better control staffing expenses. As part of their analysis, they wanted a listing of Sales by Hour.

Mail Order Manager Helpers came up with a report to show hourly sales by day for the client.
An example of the report is:
04/02/2009 - Thursday
9 AM 20 orders $ 570.17
10 AM 30 orders $ 600.25
11 AM 5 orders $ 123.78
Day Totals 450 orders $12,632.98

To learn more, call Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. (941) 927-1689 or visit and view our case studies.

Mail Order Manager Helpers - Sales Tax Rate Load/Update Options

Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. provides custom programming that will interface with your Sales Tax Rates Service and update the Sales Tax Rates in MOM.

In our custom solution, you provide your Sales Tax Rate subscription service and we provide a program to update the rates. You can run the program and update the rates as often as you like. Easily make changes or add states as your Sales Tax liability requires.

To learn more, call Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. (941) 927-1689 or visit and view our case studies.

Mail Order Manager Helpers - Providing Options

Yes. We provide assistance every year to users of all versions. In 2008 we provided services to users of the following versions:
- MOM for DOS 5E
- MOM for Windows 3.x
- MOM for Windows 4.x
- MOM for Windows 5.x
- MOM for Windows 6.x
- MOM XL 5.x
- MOM XL 6.x
- SiteLINK 2005

1. FEATURES AND PROCESSES We provide features and processes support and training. That means if you don't know how something works, we can explain it to you in a way that you can understand an apply it to your business process. If that doesn't make it clear, we can connect to your system and show you.

2. UPDATES We provide shipping rates and zone updates and can adjust the shipping rates to reflect 'YOUR' specific discounted actual UPS, FedEx or other carrier charges. NOTE: We cannot provide program updates or bug fixes. So, if your version is "buggie", we can help you rollback the version to a more stable version with backups. In addition, with our knowledge and experience, we can determine if your problems are due to a "buggie" version or related to a data, networking, or other issue.

3. CUSTOMIZATIONS We provide many enhancements that match your system to your operation with optimal functionality. Remember, MOM is an off-the-shelf product. You benefit from the cost savings of a standardized software program. And, with MOM Helpers, you benefit with a nearly customized solution for your business. Our solutions included extending the features, optimizing the performance, and personalizing the reporting. So, with our assistance you can either better understand what MOM provides or get precisely what you need.

To learn more, call Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. (941) 927-1689 or visit and view our case studies.

Mail Order Manager Helpers - The product is good. We make it better! Options

Recently, I read a post that was so absurd that I couldn't remain silent... here is the post.
*************************************** My first and last post...
It is my opinioin, that the statement from this person that MOM is 'worthless and loaded with errors' is inaccurate and inappropriate. I don't know this person and don't have a specific personel problem with them. It is just not correct.

I'm not responding for personal gain and I'm not supporting the originator of this message either. So, please don't misunderstand my response. My motivation is that I have used many products over the past 20 years and this is eating at me. False statements don't help anyone. I can't let this comment go. I tried.

So, here goes...
Yes. The software is a Windows applicaton and is familiar to the most user before purchase. Yes. Many users think... How hard can it be? Looks like Word, Excel, etc.

Yes. Your tech guy is smart. But, he doesn't know this total solution - MOM.

Yes. Data converted through Excel files sounds simple. But, don't kid yourself. It isn't that simple. It only works in the most basic situations.

Yes. The problems begin when the sales staff encourages the user to go it alone and save money. Don't believe any sales person. He wants the sale.

Yes. Users get frustrated and angry due to the imprudent approach to the software, networking, etc. that they end up initially taking.

Yes. At times, the end result is a boondoggle -- due to poor networking, data conversion, installation, set-up, training, or basic operational understanding.... and more...

The fact is that the application is a very powerful and flexible software solution. Many of the people I speak with every day start out by cursing at me -- they don't even know me. Yeah, I get it. It's not me. Maybe, it is me - ask my wife. But, after nearly 17 years, it gets old. The facts are that the user is smart and can't get it right. Not their fault - entirely. However, the surprise cost of consulting after they've spent their budget is enraging. Turn down the volume. I get that part.

Anyway, if we get past this, many of these very same people and companies become long-term clients that consider us a valued business partners. Why? The most important reason is because my company has experience with the software and most importantly in the business, many industries and almost all of the processes. We help client's to exponentially leverage the software to help them grow, control and manage their business. The product is good. We make it better. Use us or not. No problem. It is a good product.

Does the software company do things wrong? You bet. They miss a lot of the big picture. Basic business is lacking. However, I've been around, never a part of, the company for the better part of 17 years. So, I know. They use to recommend me and my company. They don't anymore. No problem. So, I have more liberty to express my true thoughts. Bottom line: The quality of the product and the low price makes it a great solution - when used properly. You win! Some users realize this and get help. Others, scrap it and prove to be short-sighted. They don't realize that the basic program, for over 10 years, will handle over 2 million orders, 4 million customers, 5 million line items. It will process 3,000+ credit cards per hour. It will print and process thousands of orders per hour. It is designed to handle the business activity that most of the users will never approach in a hundred years. This means, when installed and used properly:
- It will not crash.
- It will not require any, not even one, full-time staff to operate.
- It will simplify your operation.
- It is a great solution!

Do you re-index every day? Why? 'Cause you were told to. Unreal! Embarrasing! That is technical jargon. It is not the answer to daily problems. It may solve the immediate sympton. But, it is not the answer. If you have a problem with data (like some of our client's before using us), it is a sympton that there is another problem. Once this is corrected, you will begin to experience the power of the solution and no longer fight with daily symptons.
Fact. We have had many client's that once they began to use us have not had a sympton for weeks, months, years.... It is a good product. I know you don't trust me. However, I know what I'm talking about and I've been doing this for almost 20 years. So, I know what I'm doing. The proof is the list of companies that trust me and my company.
Free advice. Don't turn-on automatic updating. Why? If the software company makes a mistake, it becomes your operational nightmare. It doesn't make sense to leave work tonight and come in tomorrow to a different version of the software, any software. Period.
Free advice. Make sure your system is backed up daily. Your backup should include not only this software but other critical applications -- accounting, website design, etc. Information that you collect and takes time and is valuable should be backed up if it important to your business.
Free advice. Software companies act in their best interest - not in yours. So, remember that before you upgrade, update, or choose a solution.
Free advice. They sell software. They are not business experts. They are technicians and sales people. They know their software. They don't know your business.
Free advice. You don't have the expertise to do data conversion on your own. You don't have the expertise to install and set-up the software properly to match your operation. You can't get basic training from the software company and understand how it should work for you. You will need help if you want to take full advantage of the features. Expect, budget and plan for it. You will be happier because you did.
Free advice. If installed and used properly, the sofware will simplify many of the complex processes of your e-commerce, mail-order, call- center, and fulfillment operation. However, don't confuse familiarity with simplicity. The fundamental problem with the software is the way it sold. They don't understand how to sell software and think that every added cost will reduce user interest. The basic issue is that business expects costs. They just don't like surprise costs. Therefore, the statement 'if installed and used properly' is critical to the experience.
Warning. Unfortunately, in our experience, the users/buyers are encouraged to transfer information from their proir system using Excel files, Install the software on there existing network, set-up the software on their own (a little help from the sales/suppot staff), and take command of an extremely complex and flexible application on their own. General training might work in accounting where there are industry standards, but in an industry as vast as direct marketing, it doesn't work. So, plan on getting expert help. You will need help - not for long. But, you will need it. If you get it from my company, it will not be free. But, it will be worth it.
I hope that this added value to your day. Thanks for your time.
-Brian Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc.
***************************************************************************­********** To learn more about Mail Order Manager Helpers consulting services for MailOrder Manager™ users please call us at 941.927.1689 or visit us at:

Mail Order Manager Helpers Shipping Rate Updates

Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. provides shipping rate updates for nearly any carrier and service. Our consulting services includes updating rates for carriers that your company uses most -- UPS, US Postal Service, FedEX, and others. We update the rates to match your discounted rates for each carriers. And, if you ship internationally, we load the rates for your international carriers and services. So, you are not limited when using Mail Order Manager Helpers.

Our clients are most excited because Mail Order Manager Helpers offers rates that are not standard. Mail Order Manager Helpers offers updates to MOM for international shipping rates and zones, special shipping rates to include your discounts from the carrier, flat rate shipping, and conditional shipping method controls. This provides your company the flexibility to use the carriers and services that best match your business. Therefore, with Mail Order Manager Helpers, you are not limited to standard carrier methods and standard rates. So, you can rely on Mail Order Manager Helpers for your shipping updates.

How it works is really pretty simple. You let us know what rates you want to load into MOM. We ask you a few clarifications about how you use MOM. Then, you put us in touch with your carrier representative. In little time, we provide a program to update your rates. Most of the time the process is less than 5 days to get your specific shipping request completed.
Do you have to have an active Dydacomp Support Contract? No. Because Mail Order Manager Helpers is not related to Dydacomp in any way and our consulting services are completely independent of any relationship you have with Dydacomp. So, you don't have to be concerned about which version you have or your relationship with Dydacomp. In the end, Mail Order Manager Helpers consulting services are focused on making the most of your version of MOM for your business.

To learn more about Mail Order Manager Helpers consulting services for MailOrder Manager™ users please call us at 941.927.1689 or visit us at:

Mail Order Manager Year-End Inventory Options

Businesses trying to report Mail Order Manager Inventory is common this time of year.

Getting reports and valuations to your CPA or Accounting Dept. as of year-end can be difficult.
MOM Helpers offers several options and depending on your inventory valuation method Average Cost, LIFO, or FIFO the process is different.

Your options within MOM are to print the Master Inventory as of the current date. Then, run a Inventory Transactions report since year-end (or your specific target valuation date). The process of backing-out (reversing) transaction that occurred since your target date may be time consuming.

If you would like to discuss other options or to learn more about other options, please contact Mail Order Manager Helpers...
Toll-free: (877) 927-1689
Skype: Mail Order Manager Helpers

Should I upgrade my MailOrder Manager™ software to the new version? Options

Should I upgrade my MailOrder Manager™ software to the new version?
This is a difficult question to answer with enterprise solutions – software that is an integral part of your operation. As a consulting company, MOM Helpers supports all of the past and current versions of MailOrder Manager™. Dydacomp, the software developer, has dropped their support for many past versions – see table below. That is one reason why MOM Helpers is here. Company’s still need help because many still rely upon unsupported versions and MOM Helpers supports them.

To be clear, there are generally three types of updates/upgrades:
1) Program updates – This type of update is usually at no charge to supported users. The user downloads these from the Dydacomp website. These updates usually fix bugs or problems within a current version and usually make the software more reliable and stable.

2) Dot-release updates – This type of update may or may not come with a charge. This is like MOM 6.0 to 6.1. These generally address major resolutions to a prior ‘dot’ release issues and/or offer enhancements in the standard features.

3) New software versions – This type of update usually comes at a significant charge – 40% - 60% of the original purchase price is common. This type of update is usually referred to as an upgrade. This is like going from MOM 5.0 to MOM 6.0. New versions may come with significant changes – programming language changes, database table structures, major logic enhancements, re-configuration and user requirements, etc. In addition, you should consider the cost to update your infratructure to meet the system requirements of the version. In many cases, users may need to update their network, server, workstations and/or add software to make this type of upgrade fully functional. Along with new features, there will generally need to be some training to make your operational use of the new version effective. So, please consider these additional costs in your total for budgeting.

For new software versions, we recommend that you consider the following to help you determine whether to upgrade:
1. Is my current version no longer supported? As software manufacturers release new software, they no longer support the older versions. Most software companies support the most recent old version and perhaps one more past version, but rarely more than two old versions. To check if your version is supported, you can go to the software maker's website and check the support area.

For more details: *As of July 2008, this is the status of supported versions according to our understanding. Dydacomp is phasing-out support of these versions. Please contact them directly if you have specific questions. MOM Helpers support and Dydacomp support are not the same. Dydacomp support includes the ability to provide bug/fixes to the executable. MOM Helpers support is limited to supporting the functions and features as they work within your specific executable.

2. Does the new version have features that will make my work more efficient? Almost every software upgrade (the one that costs the most money) includes new features designed to make it do more for you. Request a list of new or changed features to see if any will really benefit your company. However, most companies never use more than 20% of the features of any software package. So, consider the new features that you will definitely use and the total cost of the upgrade. You may be able to get a customization from MOM Helpers for significantly less than the cost of the upgrade; and, you’ll get exactly what you want. Usually, no added costs are necessary for training or infrastructure because the programming is provided to work as you designed it and on your existing platform.

3. Has the software upgrade been out long enough to detect significant issues? MOM Helpers recommends that you let others be the ‘testers’. It is usually a good idea to 6 or so months after a major new software version is released before upgrading. The main reason is that in the first few months, the software company finds bugs (or we should say users identify bugs) that they didn't find when testing. They prepare a service release or program update that fixes those problems. By waiting until that first service release is available until upgrading, you reduce the risk of upgrading and running into significant problems.

4. Will I run into compatibility issues? If the software application has changed significantly -- table structures, system requirements, etc., the upgrade may require that you consider other issues. For example, you may need to consider updating your server, workstation, or network hardware and/or software. In addition, significant changes in the new files may not be compatible with the old version of the software. So, if you want to go back to the prior version, it may be difficult without a good backup. Also, file changes can cause problems with custom reports or programming that was designed for the current version that you are using. In the end, consider all of the costs related to the upgrade before making the decision.

Learn More
If you would like to learn more about what MOM Helpers can do for you, please e-mail your questions to or visit

************************************ DISCLAIMER: Mail Order Manager Helpers, Inc. /dba MOM Helpers is not related to or associated with Dydacomp and cannot be relied upon for any statements made about or regarding Dydacomp support policies, update or upgrade practices, or your companies access to the referenced Dydacomp website. MOM Helpers recommends that you contact Dydacomp directly for specifics about their policies and practices related to any support, update, upgrade or other issue related to their software. This information is provided as a guide to assist your company in understanding what MOM Helpers, and MOM Helpers staff, has observed over time about Dydacomp, MailOrder Manager™ software since 1991. However, we believe our statements below to be true, helpful and accurate. If we have made an inaccurate statement of the facts or you feel mislead, please contact us directly. Please let us know what specifically you believe to be inaccurate. We are glad to make corrections if they are proven to be inaccurate or misleading. All trademarks and copywrites are the property of their respective holders.