Friday, August 9, 2013

MOM Helpers | Support for Dydacomp's M.O.M., MailOrder Manager, Multichannel Order Manager | We make MOM better | 3 to 5 times faster!

With MOM Helpers... We make MOM better

It’s your MOM, but BETTER!

Smooth out your holiday operations!

When it is your busy season, everyone and everything has to work like a well-oiled machine.  People need to do their best to make customers happy and take and pack orders perfectly.  Systems have to be optimized to make entering orders, shipping packages and servicing customers efficient.  MOM Helpers has a few ways to make M.O.M. work harder for you and your well-oiled machine making it easier for your business to have a great busy season!

MOM Helpers Cart Master -- Never lose another order!

Eliminate concerns about lost orders with the MOM Helpers Cart Master solution.  We make your customers shopping experience simplified.  Managing your website through M.O.M. is included.  And, whatever you want, we make sure your vision is your customer’s experience.  Using the MOM Helpers Cart Master is stress tested to 65 million active sessions to make sure there’s less stress on you!
Make your M.O.M. BETTER with MOM Helpers!
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