Friday, June 8, 2007

Tip #1 - Backup your Information

HELP!!!!We get calls from businesses, usually during the client's busiest time of year, ... "the power went out while I was processing orders and now I can't get into M.O.M." or "my server just crashed, can you get M.O.M. re-installed" or "so and so's computer crashed and now we can't get into M.O.M." .... etc. All are horror stories, but most can have happy endings. Just have a good back-up. If you do, your catostrophie will be a simple bump in the road on your way to fame and fortune.

Don't trust your computer guy... REQUEST PROOF!Make sure that you are getting a good back-up of M.O.M. (YOUR MOST CRITICAL BUSINESS INFORMATION) every night. Have your computer people test a restore every month or so to make sure that your back-up works when or if you need it. Think of it as an insurance policy. With a good back-up, nearly every bad situation will have a happy ending and result in the least cost and disruption to your business.If you need help, we're here and we can help!